Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Green Light vs. Engine Light

Odysseus (our mini-motorhome) has been “through the mill” since our brief road trip earlier this month.  New arteries, new gaskets, seals, etc. have been installed to make his stress (engine) light go off. We’ve been trying to get him ready for a longer trip, beginning tomorrow.  Odysseus was released by the garage yesterday and given a clean bill of health, which also cleaned me out financially.  Oh, how I wish Odysseus was old enough for Medicare!

When I picked up Odysseus and drove him home, I still detected some health issues.  The “check engine light” didn’t come on (as it has for months now), but his performance seemed a bit below par.  I called the garage and they suggested we return, which we did.  A mechanic did a test drive and assured me again that every thing was in order. If it were not, he said, the engine light would come on, as if I didn’t know that! As I drove back home, I still felt Odysseus was not functioning quite the way he ought.  But I’m no mechanic!  Then, I wondered if the mechanic might have removed the check engine light bulb. And, then I wondered,  if maybe, just maybe, I’m a little apprehensive after weeks of trying to get Odysseus well again.

What to do?  We have a long trip planned—crossing rivers, plains, deserts and mountain places.  Shall we take the risk?  We have places to go, people to see and who are expecting us and reservations made. We decided yesterday afternoon that we must give it a whirl and began the process of loading up.  That process seems to get more complicated each time we do it.  But we have a green light to go—and if Odysseus’ “stress light” lights up, we’ve decided to turn around and come back home.  What have we got to lose?  We cannot really live if all we see are red lights.

So off we go, “a’coddiwompling” (“to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination”) if Odysseus is willing and able. 


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