Saturday, April 13, 2019

A Spring Jaunt

It was great to get on the road again this past week with Odysseus, our little mini-home.  After months of sedentary living, weeks of physical therapy to get Cherie’s new knee in shape, and the cold and snow of winter, we were beginning to feel a bit hemmed in.  A short trip in preparation for a longer one planned for May seemed to be a good idea.

Odysseus is aging just as I am.  After 134,000 miles of travel and adventure his pesky engine light keeps coming on—a warning sign of some physical ailment.  The light came on again while on the road this past week.  I guess it is time for another EKG and a carotid artery scan to determine what might be ailing him.  I do wish Odysseus had Medicare along with some supplemental insurance. 

In spite of the troublesome engine light, Odysseus traveled on, though probably under stress.  Odysseus took us safely to West Point Military Academy in the Catskill Mountains of New York.  I grew up not more than forty miles from West Point—but this was my first visit.  I can now scratch it off my bucket list.  

From West Point we drove north a few miles to Hyde Park to the home and presidential library and museum of Franklin D. Roosevelt.  We have driven by West Point and Hyde Park dozens of times over the years, but never stopped to enjoy these national treasures.  I’m glad we took the time to do so.  Both places are special.

From Hyde Park it was only a short drive to my childhood home in northern New Jersey where we had a wonderful visit with my brother and his wife.  They live at the foot of High Point State Park (the highest point in NJ).  The Appalachian Trail runs just a few hundred yards from their front lawn.  We also enjoyed an evening out with both my brother and sister and their mates.  In spite of Odysseus’ stress light, we made it home safely.  Odysseus is scheduled for an EKG and carotid artery scan on Monday and hopefully will be in good health in time for our next trip together in May.

Meanwhile, with Willie Nelson, I can’t wait to get on the road again!

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