Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Life of A Harbor Seal

Harbor Seals-Photo from the Monterey Aquarium
How fortunate I am to have a mother-in-law living in Monterey, California!  It is a beautiful place to visit and while here I am living the life of a harbor seal.  I’m basking in the sunshine, walking along the wondrous Monterey Bay everyday (harbor seals swim in the Bay) and loafing about in comfortable surroundings (harbor seals loaf on the rocks in the Bay).

Our son, Paul, and his wife, Helen, have  been vacationing here during the past week, visiting with Paul’s grandmother, doing wine-tasting tours and having a great time.  They are flying home today.  What a treat it has been to share a few days with them here in Monterey (it has been many a year since Paul traveled with us to visit his grandmother!).

We will visit a few more days and then, on Monday, be on the road again, traveling back to our home in the East.  Meanwhile, there are a few chores to be done, but for the most part, I’ll be living the life of a harbor seal—enjoying the bay, basking in the sunshine, and loafing all day long on my comfortable rocks!

Like the seagull (who struts on the beach in awkwardness, and then soars through the air with grace) the harbor seal is awkward and cumbersome on land, but maneuvers with grace and agility in the water.  They can even sleep with their bodies nearly submerged in water, exposing only the tip of their nose to the air.  This is called “bottling.”  Sometimes I wish I were able to simply “bottle” in the waters of life, but alas, I am only going to live the life of a harbor seal for a few more days!

Cherie and my mother-in-law having a laugh!

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