Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Repentance: Changing the Way We See Reality

I was awakened this morning by lightning flashes and sprinkles of raindrops falling on the roof here in Columbus, TX. Those sprinkles have since turned into a deluge of rain, terrific lightning and rumbling thunder.  You know or have heard, I’m sure,  that every thing in Texas is bigger—and this is a big, big Texas rainstorm.  I think we’ll linger over a Valentine Day breakfast until the rain diminishes before getting on the road again.  I cannot see the road ahead, but my trusty cell phone tells me that this weather pattern is passing quickly toward the East.  We are going West!

What will our destination be tonight?  What new sights will we see along the way?  Will the shift lever freeze up again or will faithful Odysseus develop some other mechanical problem?  Will we drive into any tornadoes, or Texas-sized hail?  Who knows?  Any of these events or situations are or can be a part of the reality of traveling. How our eyes see these possibilities and what actually happens along the way makes all the difference.  I am not referring to “Positive Thinking” or to God giving some kind of special protection.”  That’s a lot of rubbish.  I’m referring to Kazantzakis’ comment “let us change the eye which sees reality.”  I happen to believe this is what Jesus meant when he said, “Repent, for the kingdom of God is upon you.”  Change the way you see.  Change the way you think.

Yesterday when the shift lever was stuck—we worried a bit, quite naturally.   It was real!  There was nothing we could do to undo it.  We had no idea what it might mean (a new transmission, perhaps?).  We had to change our eyes which were seeing the wholly negative side of things in order to see the other realities which surfaced throughout the day.  Changing our eyes to see reality, we were able to see four fellows at the repair shop, who were there for us and took care of us and our vehicle.  One even provided us with popcorn and soda while we sat in “theater-like” chairs in the lounge watching TV on a giant screen in an air-conditioned room.  With “changed eyes” we saw reality differently. This “repenting” business goes on and on—it is not a one time deal.  I don’t think there is ever a time when we are finished “repenting.” We cannot change reality—it is what it is—but we can change our eyes which see that reality.

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