Friday, February 10, 2017

Heading South & West

We began our journey south and westward yesterday morning in the snow.  Within an hour we were out of the snow and driving on dry roads under a sunny sky.  We stopped at a rest stop in Virginia and later at a rest stop in North Carolina.  A total stranger came up to me at the North Carolina stop and told me he was glad to see me again! I had never seen the man before in my life!  I wondered if I had encountered a strange character as often happens for me, but, no, that was not the case.  He told me that he had seen us at the rest stop in Virginia.  I responded by saying that I hadn’t seen him and jokingly told him that I didn’t realize how much I stood out in a crowd.  He quickly responded by saying it wasn’t me, it was our little RV that had captured his attention!  

It was a long day on the road yesterday, but we finally arrived in Sumter, South Carolina where we enjoyed a restful night with the light of the full moon filtering through the window shades and the heater keeping things cozy in our Odysseus.  We’ll be on our way again this morning—hopefully into warmer temps and more sunshine.  We are heading south and west—Georgia, Alabama—one or the other today, and it doesn’t really matter which one as long as we keep going south and west.  

Yesterday morning--We will not be deterred!
Heading South and West Yesterday Morning

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