Monday, February 20, 2017

Last Day in Flagstaff

We had a fantastic “Party Day” yesterday with Ethan and Eleni—and with Luke and Kim.  Today we will enjoy yet another special day (all days are special at 74!) here in Flagstaff and then tomorrow be on the road again for California.  Our son Paul and his wife, Helen, are in California now and we hope to connect with them by Thursday, before they return east on Saturday.  

I did enjoy a little walk “by my lonesome” out into Luke and Kim’s back yard on Saturday—their backyard includes the Coconino National Forest.  Walking under the towering Ponderosas and through the Gambel Oaks, watching the birds and squirrels (not buffalo and antelope) play was a real treat.

Tomorrow—we will be traveling through the Mojave Desert, a distinct contrast from Flagstaff and its high elevation, stately trees and majestic mountains.  A traveler from Ohio described his visit to Flagstaff this way:

“Flagstaff... situated in the grand pine forests of Arizona. The beautiful scenery from this point at sunset, snow-capped mountains whose sides are all clothed in tall pines upward of one hundred feet high, and the soft light of the setting sun in the distance, form a view which must be seen to be appreciated.” (E.E.A. from Ohio, "Some Notes of a Trip to California).

I “ditto” that…..
Coconino National Forest, Flagstaff AZ

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