Thursday, February 9, 2017

On The Road Again

I’ve been looking forward to this day.  It is my birthday gift to myself—to get back on the road again and drive across this great country in our Odysseus (a very little RV).  For days I’ve been preparing for it, planning for it, dreaming of it!  The RV was serviced, the tires rotated, the interior cleaned, and over the last few summer-like days (70°) loaded up.  We are ready—all ready to go!  

But alas, winter has descended with a vengeance.  Snow is falling this morning in Maryland.  The schools in our county are closed for the day and those in neighboring counties north of us are also closed.  The only sign of hope is that the county schools south and west of us have only two hour delays—and Virginia has rain instead of snow.  That’s the way I’m going…SOUTH!

So we will be on our way shortly.  We will not be deterred.  It is California or Bust!  I am  on the road again TODAY!

We've done it before...We can do it again!
Camping in North Carolina, 2015

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