Monday, February 13, 2017

“Going to Houston, Houston, Houston”

We had a nice lunch with Cousin Tom in Alexandria, LA on Sunday.  As we walked to the restaurant together, Tom said, “No politics today,” and I quickly and heartedly affirmed that decision.  After all, there are so many other things for cousins to talk about when they only meet every other year or so. 

From Alexandria we drove south to Lake Charles and then west to Beaumont, TX where we found a nice RV park to spend the night.  As we pulled into our assigned site, however, something went wrong with the shift lever.  It would only move to Neutral and Drive—resisting the shift to Reverse and Park.  After nearly six hours of driving there wasn’t much we could do about the issue at that point.  We set up our little house on wheels up for the night with the key in the ignition (it won’t come out unless the shift lever is in the Park position). The shift lever was left in Neutral and I made sure the emergency brake was on so we wouldn’t roll into the road during the night.

After several calls this morning to find a Sprinter repair place in Beaumont, we were advised to go on  to Houston (88 miles further west).   The shift lever on our Odysseus just loves being in the Drive mode!  Bye Beaumont, we’re “Going back to Houston, Houston, Houston,” we hope. 

P.S.  Monday evening report:  We are in Columbus, TX (70 miles west of Houston) tonight.  Houston came through for us and we are on the road again. The shift lever is in Park tonight and the key is out of the ignition.
Blizzard of 2016--It was 73° in Houston today.  It's a good life.

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