Monday, February 27, 2017

“It Never Rains in California”

Albert Hammond sang, “Seems it never rains in southern California, seems I often heard this kind of talk before.  It never rains in California.”  Well, it does rain in California and it is raining here in Monterey this morning as we prepare to get on the road again.  Our hope is that Albert had it right when he sang, “Seems it never rains in southern California,” which is where we are headed today.  (But even that lyric is a falsehood this year in California!)

I would enjoy traveling down the coastal highway again (US 1) but there is a bridge “sagging” at Big Sur, large sections of the highway have begun to crack and sink, and mud slides are still happening.  No estimate has been given as to when all these issues will be resolved and traffic can again use the road—for now it is closed.  I guess it might be wise to go some other way.  California route 68, which takes us from Monterey to Salinas, also has some “sinking” issues and road crews will be working on that this morning, creating 30-minute delays because of the one-way traffic situation.  We encountered this situation as we drove in to Monterey last Wednesday afternoon. I will try to find a detour to avoid that delay today, even though we are not in any great hurry.

It is difficult to leave Cher’s mother, who at 93, continues to live in her little home (with “day-care assistance”) just one block up from Cannery Row, but we must go.  We will come again!
Helen, Paul and Grandma Nita in Monterey

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