Saturday, April 9, 2016

Meandering Thoughts

Day 18:  Saturday, April 9, 2016

Rain is a cause for celebration here in California. The need for it is so great.  It rained last night and it looks like it may rain even more today—Yippee!  The weeds may not get pulled in my mother-in-law’s yard because of it—but nevertheless, we celebrate the rain.

"Clowning around in Grandad's RV Campground"
An old preacher began his sermon with this introduction:  "This morning I'm going to explain to you the unexplainable.  I am going to define the indefinable.  I'm going to ponder the imponderable.  I'm going to unscrew the inscrutable."  How I wish I could do all that for myself as well as for you.  

How I wish I could answer all of the questions that rankle within me continually.  How I wish I could explain why things happen as they do and define what is happening in me, in you and in our world just now.  How I wish I could unscrew the inscrutable!

It is beyond me, though I continue to try.  This morning, for example, I’m pondering what the world will be like for my grandchildren when they reach maturity?  Why?  I don’t have enough time left on this trail of life to try to figure that out.  Nor do I have the time to dwell on the yesterdays that have been or the tomorrows I will never see or experience.  The present moment is all I have (the past is past and I can’t change it; the future is unknown and I can’t see it).  You have this present moment too.  It is all any of us have.  My advice to myself and to you is to live this present moment to the greatest extent possible. 

"Clowning around" may be the way to go!

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