Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Home Again

Day 35:  Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mark and Norva's Home
We traveled from Dayton OH on scenic routes to “Wild and Wonderful” West Virginia on Monday and in the evening visited our friends Mark and Norva.  Mark is one of the most creative persons I’ve ever met.  Mark and Norva’s home is such a comfortable place, situated in a wonderful valley surrounded by national forest.   Mark built the house some forty years ago, using his artistic woodworking talents in amazing ways and through the years has built a number of log cabins in the valley (one of these is his woodworking shop).  Mark and Norva’s warm hospitality is enhanced by the rich walnut, cherry, and chestnut paneling along the walls, the large timbers of the ceiling, and Mark’s many wood sculptures and handmade furniture in their home. 

 This morning, before beginning on the last leg of our thirty-five day journey, we enjoyed breakfast with Mark and Norva and said our good-byes until next time.  We ran into heavy rain in the mountains of WV and western MD, but these storms soon subsided and the weather became quite pleasant.  We arrived home by mid-afternoon in time to do our civic duty of voting in the Maryland Primary.  Our granddaughter Katie had a dinner prepared for us—all we had to do was put it in the oven.  Since then, we have just CRASHED!
Mark & Norva

Blackwater Falls WV

One of Mark's cabins

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