Sunday, April 24, 2016

Celebrating Memories and the Present

Day 33:  Sunday, April 24, 2016

Don and Sally this morning....
It is always great to be  with our friends, Don and Sally, in Paxton IL.  We enjoyed our brief visit, catching up on where each of us are (health, retirement, work, projects, thoughts, etc.) and then sharing where our children and grandchildren are, remembering our past experiences together of years ago (over 54 years now!) and also celebrating the present moments and our hopes and plans for the future.  Thanks, Don and Sally, for your hospitality and for the years of friendship.  We treasure it!

After a hearty breakfast, prepared by Don, we pulled out on the road again, traveling to Dayton OH where we will stay tonight.  Tomorrow afternoon we hope to visit with friends, Mark and Norva, in WV.  Mark and I first met one another in a “remedial math” class at Alderson-Broaddus College (now a University) in Philippi WV, about 50 some years ago .  We’ve maintained contact through the years and our relationship has been very meaningful to me—and I hope to Mark (and Norva) as well.

From WV it will be a brief day’s drive back home to Rising Sun.  My travel-mate is more than ready to get back to her sewing room and quilting.  She has patiently put up with my gypsy notions long enough.  Meanwhile, I’m thinking of my friend, Bill, in Paducah KY and when I might be able to visit him there.  I just can’t help thinking about being “On the Road Again!”  

Sally found this picture of some clown at a Chapel Retreat
back in 1963.  What in the world was I doing?  No one
seems to recall!!!!
Today, Cindy and Steve celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary.  I had the privilege and joy of officiating!  How time flies!

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