Thursday, April 14, 2016

Handling Disappointment

Day 22:  Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sometimes hopes, desires and dreams fail to materialize.  It has happened to me (and no doubt to you too) so many times that I no longer get all worked up about it (well, not much anyway).  Instead, I try to accept what is and move on.  (I try—but not always successfully, and usually with some pouting and self-pity).  Our hopes for yesterday were dashed when the fellow at the Utah Visitors Center told us that the North Rim of the Grand Canyon was closed due to drifting snow! This is the second time we’ve been denied this “bucket-list” visit. I refuse to give up and will certainly try another time.  I didn’t let it get me down or fence me in!  There was for us, and there are for all of us, other ways to go when one particular dream doesn’t work out.  A closed door does not mean all doors are closed.  Some are open and we must find them rather than just give up!

We changed our course  yesterday and instead of going south into Arizona, we went north into Utah, seeing again Zion National Park.  Today we’ll visit Bryce National Park and meander along the scenic roads of Utah for a few days.

Photos and words cannot do justice to this wonderful West!  I cannot explain what I feel when I see the deserts, the mountains, the mesas and canyons.  I only know I am held captive by their majesty and beauty.  I would not have seen some of these sights if we had gone to the North Rim yesterday!

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