Friday, April 22, 2016

The Ozark Connection

Day 31:  Friday, April 22, 2016

Here we are at the Lakes of the Ozarks on this bright and sunny morning after a long drive along scenic routes in Kansas and Missouri yesterday.  What a beautiful land bursting forth with spring!  The Ozarks bring to mind  Harold Bell Wright, an author of the early 20th century who wrote such books as “The Shepherd of the Hills,” “The Calling of Dan Mathews,” and “God and the Groceryman,” stories of life and faith in the Ozarks of his time.  Mort McCardell of Rising Sun introduced Wright to me nearly 40 years ago.  Reading Wright’s books were instrumental in my hearing the call to develop the Yokefellow Center there. Funny, isn’t it, how every little bit of sharing we do with another—a book, an author, an encouraging word (and even a mean word)—can make a great difference in a person’s life? Mort and Harold Bell Wright made a tremendous difference in mine!  

The deck awaits....
Today we will head on eastward and toward home.  As we get closer to home, our focus begins to become more limited.  I’m already thinking about the flowerbeds, the weeds, the lawn, etc., and all that will need to be done when we return.   But we aren’t there yet—and all of that can wait—while we continue to enjoy being “On the Road Again” for a few more days.

(Thank you, Liam, for showing me how to use my cell phone to post these blogs when Wi-Fi isn’t available.)

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