Friday, November 27, 2015

The Wonder and Awe of Technology

Ethan & Eleni
Katie & Liam
On Thanksgiving Day I was able to visit via FaceTime with my granddaughter, Katie, who currently lives in England.  The joy of seeing her happy and well made my day!  Later, on the same day and in the same way,  I was able to visit our son Luke’s family in Flagstaff, Arizona.  What a delight to see and talk with Ethan and Eleni (my youngest grandchildren).  Our daughter Rachel did a charitable walkathon of 3-miles on Thanksgiving Day and afterward posted a photo on my cell phone with a pleased look of victory in her smile.  Isn’t that simply amazing?

On Wednesday we had lunch with our daughter Rachel, her son, Matt, and his wife Emily.  How excited they were to pass around the ultrasound photos of their daughter, Addison Elizabeth, our first great grandchild!  Addison hasn’t been born yet but I already have  a picture of her, thanks to the wonder of technology.  I do not care for the word “awesome” because it is so overused these days—but this photo is awesome!  She is already smiling.
Addison Elizabeth

The wonder of technology is sometimes overwhelming for those of us who remember the day of no phone at all, party-lines, rotary dials, and standing in line at  the airport waiting to get to the battery of phones that once were there.  We  are often critical of what the new technology has brought—social media, video games, and the constant texting—but yesterday I gave thanks for the wonder and awe that this technology has brought to our world—and particularly what it brought to my world over these last several days.  

A winning smile....

Like everything else in the world, the new technology must be used responsibly and for the betterment of society.  Technology without a moral compass can be a new evil, but if used wisely it will continue to fill us with a sense of wonder and awe.

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