Monday, November 9, 2015

The Bible

The Canadian Rockies
The Bible has become a stumbling block to some Seekers, not because of the book itself or the story it tells, but because of the way in which it has been misused and abused by many alleged Christians.  No body of literature has been subjected to more intense scholarly study than the Bible.  This close scrutiny of the book has been greatly beneficial.  The problem seems to be that many Christians have not paid much attention to this new evidence.  Instead of dealing with the evidence of reason and research, many continue to idolize the book and make ridiculous claims for it.  Indeed, the Bible has become God for many Christians—and all idols are (according to the scripture itself) an abomination to the Living God!

God did not dictate or write the Scriptures; human beings did. The Bible was not written for our inspiration, though it may inspire.  Nor was it written for our guidance, nor for our comfort.  It may give guidance and it may give comfort, but that is not the purpose for the Scriptures being written.  The Scriptures were written for our learning.  We need to know the story—the story the Bible tells—and the Bible is the only book that tells that story!

The story the Bible tells is about God and how God has acted throughout history to accomplish God’s purposes.  This story is difficult to understand.  There is nothing simple about reading the Bible and getting the story straight as so many suggest.  It takes a lot of energy to know this story.  It requires all our faculties.  It is a study that never ends.

The Bible cannot be tossed out.  Nor is it obsolete in this 21st century.  Indeed, it is more important now than perhaps ever before.  It is the only Book that tells the Story!  But that Story of the Bible can’t be heard, found, or understood, if we make the Book itself our god!

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