Friday, November 6, 2015

Pondering life and Life

Do you know the song, “Carolina in the Morning?”   The tune and some new lyrics are sounding within me this morning:

Nothing could be finer than to sit in the recliner…in the morning!
Nothing could be finer than to read in the recliner….this afternoon!
Nothing could be finer than to lounge in the recliner…in the evening!
Nothing could be finer than to rest in the recliner…this whole day through!

At this early hour the sun is hidden.  The sky is overcast.  The ground is wet from the rain last night. The leaves are falling now and the trees are looking barren.  The ferns and other plants have turned brown and black from the recent frost.  But, the weather people say the temperature today will be 75 degrees—a record for this time of year.  

This day’s beginnings are dreary, but the promise of warmth and sunshine are in the forecast.  The human journey is that way, one day dreary, the next day bright.  One day rain,
the next day snow.  Someone wrote, “Life to me has not been a struggle.  It has been, and is, a Song.”  

Easter Dawning in Grenoble, France--2014
Today I ponder “life” with a small “l” and Life with a capital “L”.  The small “l” life focuses on the troubles and the struggles.  The capital “L” Life sings a Song!  We all meander between the two.  Nothing could be finer than to sit in the recliner OR nothing could be finer than to get off my duff and Live this day to the fullest extent possible.  Which will it be?  We can choose life or Life!

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