Sunday, November 1, 2015

Greek Coffee At Last…

Fifty-five years ago I enjoyed my first taste of Greek coffee on the island of Crete.  I liked it and I liked the Greek way of drinking it—sitting inside or outside a village taverna and sipping it slowly, leisurely, and surrounded with good company.  I bought a briki (the pot in which the coffee is made) and a little coffee cup when I left Crete with every intention of making my own Greek coffee once I returned home.  The briki  and the little cup have been on display in my various homes ever since and have never been used.

When I returned to Greece in 1997, and Turkey in 2001, and another visit to Greece in 2002, I again enjoyed Greek coffee and once again promised myself that I would make my own when I returned home.  Whenever I have visited with Greek friends through the years this wonderful  brew has been served and each time I have renewed my intent to make my own at home.  But the briki and the little cup have never been used.

Making my own Greek coffee has been on my bucket list for a long, long time.  Last week I decided it was time to fulfill my 55-year old intent.  I purchased some Loumidas Greek coffee and a new briki from Amazon and three days ago I made my first cup of Greek coffee here at  home. Helpful videos on “How to Make Greek Coffee” were discovered on the internet to guide me through the process.  The second and third cups have been superb!  Now, at last, I can cross "Making Greek Coffee at Home" off my bucket list!  Unfortunately I won't be able to drink my coffee at a taverna in some mountain village in Crete.  However, as soon as my new recliner is delivered, I'll make a cup of Greek coffee, sit down, recline, and while sipping, remember those idyllic days of yore on that enchanted island!

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