Sunday, November 15, 2015

Cut-Off Demonstrated

People are people regardless of their religious faith. People are sometimes violent, ugly, and mean. I've met alleged Christians who are that way. It is reasonable that some Muslim people may be violent, ugly and mean too. That doesn't mean the Christian, Muslim or Buddhist or any other religion is violent, ugly and mean! 
Facebook provided me with an opportunity to be in solidarity with the French people by making it easy to drape my profile photo with the national colors of France. It did not do that for Beirut, Lebanon, where terrorists killed 40 people last Thursday. The leaders of the world did not step up to announce that tragic event. Nor did the media provide 24/7 coverage of what happened in Beirut last Thursday. Doesn't this say something to us? Are we cut-off from Beirut? Are we only connected with France? Are French people more important than the people of Lebanon?
“When my people died, no country bothered to light up its landmarks in the colors of their flag,” Elie Fares, a Lebanese doctor, wrote on his blog. “When my people died, they did not send the world into mourning. Their death was but an irrelevant fleck along the international news cycle, something that happens in THOSE parts of the world.”

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