Sunday, November 29, 2015

My New Year 2016 Begins Today

For a good many years now, the coming of Advent has become the beginning of a new year for me.

Let me attempt to say why in the following lines.

Advent is a very special time... a time of promise
     it is a time of preparation for the new about to happen
     it is a time of new beginnings

Advent is a time of expectancy...a time of happenings
    annunciations are heard if ears are opened  
    dreams are dreamed and guidance given

Advent is a time of giving birth to God
     we carry God around with us and do not know it
      it is a time for a new birth within.

Advent is a time of waiting, waiting
     for mountains to be brought down; hills to be brought low
     for valleys to be lifted up; crooked places to be made straight

 Advent is a time of moving...a time of transition
     it is not a movement backward, but forward
     it is moving me, you and the world to a place it has never been

Advent is about newness...a time for the "New Things"
     it is a season of receptivity and openness
     it is a time of new vulnerability for me, for you, for God

Advent announces a Way...a time of new dreams
   it is a time to sing our own song, dance our own dance
   it is a time of searching and for finding

Advent is all of the is kairos time
   it is a good time to start anew, to begin again.
   Advent is the time to follow your star.

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