Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Very Special Day

My daughter Rachel insisted on being with me on this Father’s Day as she has for many years.  I’ve been batching it for about six weeks now while my wife is tending to family needs in California, so I was happy to have Rachel’s company on this “special” day.  We had agreed on a lunch menu of one grilled New York Strip steak (which we would split between the two of us) and a baked potato.  Rachel arrived just before noon.  When I came indoors from the deck to check out what she was doing in the kitchen I saw a plate of steaks heaped high—enough for an army!  Then she explained that my son Paul and his family were going to join us.  It was a complete surprise!  

Paul, Helen, Austin and Nick arrived.  It was so good to see them.  Nick volunteered to grill the steaks out on the deck and he cooked them to perfection—medium, medium-well—according to our individual wishes. A sumptuous lunch followed—provided by daughter Rachel—and delicious cookies and brownies for dessert—provided by Helen. What a special time it was for me!  Thank you, Rachel, Paul, Helen, Austin and Nick for being with me on this Father’s Day.  You made my day!   I’m a happy father and a blessed one, too.

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