Friday, June 30, 2017

A Cluttered Mind

My mind is cluttered this morning with “stuff.”  That’s probably not the right word for the “clutter” but it is the best I can do at the moment.  

The iPhone celebrated its tenth anniversary yesterday. It has revolutionized the world.  It didn’t revolutionize my personal world until about three years ago when Liam and Katie insisted I should have one.  They found a used iPhone 5 and set me up.  Since then it has been my constant companion, traveling with me wherever I go.  What an amazing device!  I can barely remember life without it.  I’m still a novice in its use, but feel I’ve come a long way from that flip-top phone of just a few years ago.  The experts say there is more “computer power” in my pocket than was needed to put a man on the moon.  Most of the potential in that little device in my pocket has never been utilized because I don’t know how to use it yet. 

The fact that I haven’t tapped into the full potential of the iPhone reminds me of the fact that most of our potential as human beings has not yet been realized.  We have the capacity to be so much more than who and what we are.  Sometimes, given yesterday’s major news story about Trump’s tweets on media personalities and the media’s response, I feel like we have degenerated—gone back to the school yards of our childhood where bullying and “picking fights” and poking childish jibes at one another were the norm.

What was even more distressing about yesterday’s quibble were the comments by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  “The American people elected a fighter,” she said, and “He,” the president, “was simply pushing back and defending himself.”  Now if that isn’t school yard-like I don’t know what is!  “Punching back” is a childish and silly antic whenever and wherever it occurs, and by whoever. 

I guess we don’t know yet how to use the potential of our humanness in the same way I don’t yet know the full potential of the iPhone (especially since I only have the iPhone 5).  It is probably time for me to upgrade to the newest model.  It seems to me that our human behavior needs an upgrade, too.

Sunrise on the Aegean Sea
I still see everywhere the possibilities of new dawns
and new sunrises.

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