Saturday, September 3, 2016

Settling Down in Monterey (Day 16)

This will be a busy weekend in Monterey with many tourists flocking in to visit the Aquarium,  walk the streets, and visit the many shops along Cannery Row. The Aquarium brought Monterey back to life in the early 1980’s  (it is one of the largest in America).  After the great bust in the sardine canning industry (1950), Monterey kind of “rusted away” along with the old canneries, but with the advent of the Aquarium, it has become a popular tourist attraction.  The area has developed significantly since my mother-in-law moved here in the early 70’s. Two of my pastimes while visiting here is to sit on my mother-in-law’s little porch and watch the people go by—and to walk the pedestrian/bike trail along the Bay, where one can hear the languages of people from all over the world and see sea lions, sea otters, dolphins, and a variety of birds!  Walking along this pathway, I can easily walk to Monterey’s historic Fisherman’s Wharf, dating back to 1845, and now a tourist shopping and restaurant district.  I will walk that way tomorrow to enjoy the Greek Festival taking place in the Custom House Plaza in downtown Monterey.  If I drink just Greek coffee and have a little piece of Baklava I should be able to find my way back, but if I should decide to try some Ouzo, there is a free trolley shuttle, The Wave,  which can get me back to my home away from home (if after the Ouzo I can remember where it is)!

Today we settled in for the our stay in Monterey.  I will become a “bachelor,” during this time, living in my own quarters (in Odysseus) while Cher will stay in her mother’s guest room (very small).  After 14 days of traveling in close quarters this arrangement will probably be good for both of us!

Tonight I am wondering if I live in the same America as those who are supporting Mr. Trump for President of the United States of America.  I don’t see the world, the government, society, or people, the way they seem to see these things.  Which world is the real one?  For me, the situation is no longer about partisan politics, it is about human decency and sanity!  Maybe I should have some Ouzo tomorrow?
My great granddaughter
at 7 months!  Looks just
like her great grandad!

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