Friday, September 9, 2016

California to Utah (Day 23)

We’ve had another great day “on the road again”!  Leaving Barstow this morning, we traveled I-15 East. The Mojave Desert shimmered in the early morning sun.  In Baker, CA, we were at 932’ elevation (just south of Death Valley) and within five or six miles we climbed to 4000’ and entered Nevada.  As usual upon entering the world-renown city of Las Vegas, I immediately pulled over to the left, into the express lane, and flew by the four or five lanes of traffic to my right at 65-70 mph.  This is the only way to see Las Vegas from my perspective!  

Nevada was crossed quickly at 75 mph and then we entered the northwestern edge of Arizona, passing through the Virgin River Gorge Recreation Area (16 miles south of St. George, Utah).  This is a beautiful drive, but few slow down sufficiently to glance at the scenery.  Using the dash cam, I was able to photograph these wondrous rock formations in spite of the “Indy-style” traffic going by me.  

We stopped for lunch in St. George, Utah, and then found a campground some 15 miles from the city, in Hurricane, where we will spend tonight.  Hopefully tomorrow, I will see the North Rim of the Grand Canyon!

I think Kahil Kibran wrote a word for me, when he jotted down these lines: “All those who are born with a hunger for Life, are not trying to touch the outer edges of other worlds by deep thinking and deeper feeling—our sole desire is to discover this world and to become one with its spirit.  The great poets of the past were always one with Life.  They did not seek a point in it nor did they wish to find its secrets.  They simply allowed their souls to be governed, moved, played upon by it.”  

As I sit here this evening pondering my day, I think there may be a bit of the “Poet” in me after all, for I find more and more that I simply want to discover this world and let it govern, move, and play upon my soul as it will.  Perhaps this is how I can become one with this world’s spirit.

Virgin River Gorge AZ

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