Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Getting Ready to Coddiwomple

The relentless Bermuda High continues to dominate our weather pattern today.  Even with the brief thunderstorm of last night, the air is still heavy with humidity creating what the meteorologists call the heat index when 95° on the thermometer feels like 104°.  I don’t know why the weather people have to tell us how the heat “feels” since we can “feel” it for ourselves, but they seem intent on making us feel even more miserable than we already are by repeating “how it feels” hour by hour!

In the past few weeks we have been preparing for “tomorrow” when once again we will board our Odysseus for yet another journey across country.  That preparation has included visiting our dentists, our optometrists, our family physicians, etc., to be sure our teeth don’t drop out along the way, that we can read the road signs and find our way, and that we are physically capable of traveling the highways and byways with our various age-related maladies.  Numerous checklists have been written down to insure that we take our pills, our glasses,  and the GPS along with us.  The Odysseus has been serviced and I guess one could say, we’ve been serviced too, according to our mileage.

The checklists scattered about our home over recent weeks are essential (if we can remember where we put them).  The lists are important because there is more to do than just pack up and go.  We have to be sure that the lawn will be mowed, that the mail will be taken care of and everything at home is in order.  My obsessive compulsive disorder kicks in and usually before “take off” I have to clean the shed, the garage, my study, etc.  (Because of the heat today—I have crossed off the garage and the shed and tucked my obsessive compulsion away for another day).  Then, of course, because of  our  “maturity issues” we have to list everything we need to pack, everything we need to do, every one we need to call, every task that needs to be accomplished (and be sure they are checked off) before we can be Coddiwomplers again.

This morning the items on the  lists (those lists that I have found so far) are almost all checked off.  Just a few more “things” remain and hopefully they will soon be checked off as well.  Is it worth all this to be on the road again?  You betcha!  

I’m sure you can understand now though, given all of the above, why it is, “I just can’t wait to get on the road again!”

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