Monday, August 29, 2016

A Wonderful Day in Flagstaff (Day 11)

I was exhausted last night and did not jot down the events of yesterday (Day 11) here in Flagstaff.  It was a wonderful day, beginning with Ethan and Eleni (and parents) coming to the campsite and knocking on Odysseus’ door as they have done over the past six years whenever we have visited.  With great gusto, Grandad sang, “Who’s that knocking at my door, who’s that knocking at my door?  Is it Katie, is it Matt, no, it must be Austin?  Is it Nick?  No, it must be Ethan and Eleni,” and amidst the giggling and laughing the door was opened and hugs passed all around. A delightful moment and one to be cherished! 

Perhaps the best way to share the day is to simply post some photos—pictures, they say, are sometimes worth a thousand words.

Grandma's Quilt for Eleni
Grandma's Lego Quilt for Ethan

Eleni and Quilt
Ethan is now a

Grandad & Eleni "Swinging"


Day Eleven ended with a special dining out at “Mama Burgers” and then Grandad and Grandma going back to the campground and Ethan and Eleni going home for a good night’s sleep in preparation for school today.  We will pick them up at school this afternoon, much to their delight!

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