Sunday, August 28, 2016

Destination—Flagstaff (Day 10)

We drove 407 miles yesterday from Albuquerque to Flagstaff, encountering a monsoon almost as soon as we crossed from New Mexico to Arizona.  This is the season for such storms here in northern Arizona and the weather forecast says we’ll enjoy a monsoon each day we are here.  We are settled in for the next four nights in an Air Force recreational area in the Cococino National Forest, just ten minutes away from Luke’s family home.  The temperature will drop to 45° tonight!  That is quite a transition after the sweltering heat in MD! 

Luke, Ethan and Eleni will come visit us first thing in the morning here at the campground.  That is going to be an exciting moment!  Then I’ll pick up a rental car which we will use during our visit here, giving Odysseus a little break.  

Being a grandparent, a Grandad, is a very special gift that has brought a special kind of “love” into my life.  It seems to me that grandchildren, especially when they are little, love their grandparents no matter what!  They just seem to see their grandad as someone special and that sure makes a grandad feel great in his so-called “golden years.”  

We have six grandchildren and one great granddaughter.  Katie, our oldest, is now in NJ, her brother Matt is in NC.  Austin and Nick have both moved into their respective college dormitories in the last few weeks.  The only two “little ones” left now are Ethan and Eleni—and I’m thinking that when I see them tomorrow I’ll find them several inches taller and more “grown-up” than when I saw them last in April.  One thing I do know, they will give their Grandad (and Grandma, too) their special kind of love and that will “make my day!”
Creative characters:  Ethan & Eleni

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