Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Windows into the Soul

These morning hours in my study are precious ones.  I ponder over many things from 5 or 6  to 8 a.m.  I think of those persons I know who are going through tough times.  I hold them in my “bundle” of care.  I think of my children and their children and wonder what this day may hold for them.  I sometimes ponder my own trail of life, the roads taken and those not taken, and the friends I’ve met along the way.  I think of my parents and my heart is grateful for the love they gave to me and my six siblings.  I ponder the “Star Persons” of my life, those who provided light to guide me along the way.   With my  books surrounding me, I am aware of my “Friends of the written word” who have left indelible marks on my thinking about life.  

Bangor University in Wales
I think about those I do not know who wander in search of a home—those refugees from Syria and many other places where life is so threatened.  I wonder about the future of our planet earth and what that will mean for human life, particularly what that will mean for my grandchildren and great grandchildren.  

This morning time is so full of pondering, wonder, sorrow, loss, love, care, gratitude and hope that the hours seem but minutes.  Sometimes, naturally, the complaining mood comes to the fore.  When that mood and others like it come over me, I find it helpful to focus on the things for which I am grateful.  Sometimes that tact works and sometimes it doesn’t!  Complaint and similar moods are self-defeating.  I know that, but knowing does not always have the upper hand.  We have within us many selves, each competing for first place.

Almost every day, for over a year now, these morning thoughts have been posted on Facebook in one form or another, sometimes as poetry, sometimes as travelogue, sometimes a quotation, and sometimes just plain ranting and raving, Each post in some way a window into the soul.  Whatever form “these traces of thought and mountings of the mind” the post has taken, the purpose is to awaken a real faith in our own spiritual nature.  

“Grant us wisdom, grant us courage,

For the living of these days.”

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