Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Sacrament of the Present Moment

This morning I’ve enjoyed a brief visit with my friend of the written word, Jean-Pierre De Caussade, through his book, “The Sacrament of the Present Moment.”  He reminds me that time is a sacrament, for “time is but the history of divine action!”  He reminds me too, that your history and mine is the story of divine action whether we know it or not!   That is an incredible idea since we often think we have made it on our own by the choices we have made or the things we have achieved.  For Caussade, nothing is secular, not even time—all is sacred (a sacrament:  an outward sign of an inner invisible and spiritual grace).

“No moment is trivial since each one contains a divine Kingdom, and heavenly sustenance.”  “Precious moment, how small in the eyes of my head and how great in those of my heart, the means whereby I receive small things from the Father who reigns in heaven. Everything that falls from there is very excellent, everything bears the mark of its maker.”

“You are seeking God, dear sister, and God is everywhere.  Everything proclaims God to you.  God is by your side, over you, around you and in you.  Here is his dwelling and yet you still seek God.  Ah! You are searching for God, the idea of God ….God is in everything that happens to you—your suffering, your actions, your impulses are the mysteries under which God reveals himself to you.  But he will never disclose himself in the shape of that exalted image (your image of god) to which you so vainly cling.”

Just think!  Every moment of your day today is a sacred moment.  God is in it all with you.

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