Friday, October 30, 2015

"The Best is Yet to Be"

Yesterday I met a young salesman in a furniture store.  He was an exceptional sales person and we had quite a chat while he gently persuaded me to buy one of the most expensive recliners in the store.  During our conversation, David told me that he had just recently lost his grandfather at age 79. I gulped!  I am old enough to be David’s grandfather!  How many years do I have left to enjoy this expensive recliner I’ve just purchased?

My mother at 93--She was an Adventurer!
Old age can be looked forward to with anticipation and with a sense of adventure, or one can fight it.  While walking through the cosmetic aisle in a drug store recently I was astounded at the many products available to fight old age.  There are products to keep your hair from turning gray and skin treatments to take away those inevitable wrinkles and things like that.  There are even pills available now to help your brain from deteriorating, or so they claim. You can set your jaws, clinch your fists, dye your hair, hide your wrinkles, take your pills and put on a defiant face, but you will still be fighting a losing battle.  Old age is one of those inevitable changes in life’s journey.  You really can’t do anything about it.  Or can you?

You CAN do something about it!  You can approach this time of life without fear and without fighting it.  You can use it and by that I don’t mean just bear it or live with it, but I mean use it by taking hold of it and making something really special out of it.  Make old age an adventure, the best you’ve ever had!  Make a “bucket list” and live it out.  Travel, see the world, enjoy your adult children and their children, have a ball!  Autumn is a beautiful time of the year, so why not make our own autumnal season beautiful and meaningful.  Spend the kid’s inheritance.  Buy one of the most expensive recliners available.  It’s okay.  Just don’t spend all day sitting in it!  

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