Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Winterizing (aka Retirement)

Oh, how I dread the task that lies before me today—the winterizing of Odysseus, our faithful mini-RV.  I’d much rather have Odysseus “On the Road Again,”  but winter is coming and bringing freezing temperatures that can be harmful to Odysseus’ plumbing system unless protected with anti-freeze.  

“Winterizing” the RV is not a difficult task, but the actual doing of it always dampens my spirit because it means Odysseus will be in retirement for a few months.  Winterizing Odysseus is a good thing and a wise thing to do even though Odysseus will just sit dormant in the driveway filled with anti-freeze.  But Odysseus is a “thing”—not a person!  

Retirement for a person is liberation! Retirement sets one free from former demands and schedules, giving “new time” which can be used at his or her own discretion. Whatever else personal retirement may mean in terms of less restrictions on time and of freedom, it does not mean the abandonment of one’s commitment to serve.  In fact, retirement can and I believe ought to enhance that commitment.  On the occasion of my “last retirement” my 92-year-old mother asked, “How will you speak now?  How are you going to share the important things you have to say?”  That my mother thought I had something important to say was really significant and it was her affirmation that prompted me to create this blog.

“While It Is Day” is my attempt to speak (bark) and to serve in these days of retirement.  I refuse to be “winterized” and filled with “anti-freeze” and sit around dormant, even though some may wish that were the case.  I have things to say and to do—and so do you.  Don’t winterize!  Don’t fill your veins with various forms of “anti-freeze” and hibernate. 

Monterey, CA

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