Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Them Is Us

It happens all the time.  It happens to us.  It happens to “them.”  It happens between friends, it happens in families, it happens in churches, it happens in communities, it happens in our nation and it happens among the nations.  It is happening now.  It happens whenever there is disagreement.  It happens whenever there is argument.  It happens out of thoughtlessness.  It happens whenever selfishness and ego strut about.  It happens when greed runs rampant.  It happens when we refuse to listen to one another.  It happens when we put someone down.

We all know about it.  It happens when no one will budge from a particular idea or position.  It happens when families try to deal with a difficult issue. It happens when nations seek their own “self-interest.”

Disagreement, argument, conflict, and anger is aroused.  Hurt feelings and resentment take over.  We bicker.  We stop talking to each other, or listening to each other, and sometimes we won’t have anything to do with each other.  We blame them.  It’s their fault.  They started it.  They brought it up.  We get mad.  We strike back.  We say nasty things about each other.  We point our finger at each other and our anger smolders.  It happens.  It happens to all of us and it happens all the time.

What happens?   Division, alienation, and separation happen.  We are pitted against each other: parent/child, husband/wife, them/us, Muslim/Christian, East/West, Republicans/Democrats and on and on.  Love and care are thrown out the window.  Peace is gone.  Harmony is diminished.  Community collapses.  It leads to isolation, the building of walls, and to wars.  “Them” is always us!
We can get along together....

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