Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Wind Blows Where It Wills…

The desert wind demonstrated its mighty power yesterday as we drove from Benson, Arizona on Interstate 10 east.   It was so fierce at times that it caused our Odysseus and the 18-wheelers sharing the road with us  to “shake, rattle, and roll” and do a little of the “twist” now and again when some mighty gust came along. The dust-laden wind created a fog-like veil on the horizon and along the mountainsides and carried desert dust to who knows where!  The lights were flashing on the warning signs:  “Caution, Low Visibility Ahead.”   From Willcox,  Arizona to the Yucca plains of New Mexico the wind blew.  Where was it going?  Where would the dust of the desert end up?

Seeking to avoid the wind and also eager to get off the Interstate for a little while, we left I-10 at Las Cruces, NM and traveled route 70 northeast, passing by the White Sands National Monument to Holloman AFB FamCamp in Alamogordo.    We spent a peaceful night and a night without the wind!

Today we will travel eastward via secondary roads (route 82/62/180 into Texas.  Perhaps we’ll see the Texas bluebonnets in bloom.   I hope so!
Desert Road Stop:  Near Dragoon, AZ

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