Thursday, March 9, 2017

Morning Thoughts in Opelika

We drove in sunshine and warmth across the state of Mississippi yesterday, and then through LA (Lower Alabama) on Route 80, passing through Demopolis (“The People’s City”) Selma, and Montgomery.  Along that route some years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr., and now-congressman John Lewis, along with many others walked from Selma to Montgomery demanding the equal rights of all people in our American society.  Historic markers have been placed where these courageous souls camped each night on that long walk.  The “Marches” still go on!  Thank God!  America is a  place where the people can stand up and make their voices heard!  Take those First Amendment rights away from any (people, press, religion) and you take it away from all!

Demopolis, Alabama was founded after the fall of Napoleon’s Empire and named by a group of French expatriates, a mix of exiled Bonapartists and other French migrants who had settled in the United States.  The name was chosen to honor democratic ideals—and chosen by immigrants.  Now, isn’t that interesting?  And, it happened in Alabama!

From Montgomery we turned northeast on Interstate 20 toward Atlanta, Georgia.  We spent the night in Opelika, Alabama.  Years ago we visited our friend, Chap, here in Opelika for a few days.  He was a professor at Auburn University at the time.  Once again I am reminded that a place becomes more sacred when we connect it with a person.

Today we are off for South Carolina.  The weather reports continue to call for snow in the mid-Atlantic states over the weekend.  We will play it by ear as we travel along.
The Texas Blue Bonnets--I didn't see!

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