Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kentucky Wanderer

A new day dawns here in Kentucky.  I didn’t see the “dawning” as I usually do because I slept in!  That is very unusual.  It must have been the “fishing” at the pond last evening.  By the way, I caught some huge fish.  One of the nice things about “Catch and Release” is that there is no evidence to prove whether I caught some huge fish or not (I had to throw whatever I caught back in).  Who needs evidence to substantiate anything these days?  Just say it—and it becomes a truth!  Put it on Facebook and it becomes truth.  No evidence, verification, or fact is necessary.  The truth in this case is that I did not catch any fish at all!

Today I wander the Kentucky roads again, heading for the city of Paducah where I will visit my friend, Bill.  He posted on FB yesterday:  “I've had it with all the posts by friends, non-friends, politicos, and whoever, about Donald, Hillary, and Bernie. As much as I enjoy political dialog, enough is enough. I'm deleting them all.”  I responded:  “I'm on my way to Paducah to unleash all my political frustrations on you. I’ll arrive around 3 or 4 p.m. tomorrow. Guess maybe I should just "go fishing" instead of coming for a visit?”  No answer came, so I’m assuming my response was deleted!  

Well, I’m going to Paducah anyway.  Bill and I have always found many points of interest in our dialogue over the last 45 years without ever touching upon politics.  I’m sure that can happen this time.  I sure hope so.  I don’t want to be deleted!

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