Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Beyond Within

Another rainy day is in the forecast today.  There has been a trace of rain every day since April 27th and we have already received twice our normal rainfall for May.  Rain may keep me from sitting on the deck each morning, but I have another place of “Solitude” (my shed, which many call my cottage) where I can be.

My journey through southern Utah last month was a   memorable one.  Traveling through the various National Parks and Monuments, and along the scenic roads,  I observed many strange rock formations.  The ones that impressed me most were what the Navajo call “Openings,” or “Windows.”  The Navajo see these Openings as the way in which the invisible world Beyond enters into this world.  Without such Openings the Beyond cannot break through.

Thus, during these rainy days, I spent some time in the shed letting my imagination work on an old piece of redwood, creating what I call “The Beyond Within.”  Without an Opening, the Beyond remains an invisible and unknown Beyond.

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