Sunday, February 28, 2016

Straight from the Bible

Have you ever met up with an old friend and shared stories from the past?  Whenever I have done so, I’ve been amazed by the fact that I can’t remember their stories the way they tell them, and they can’t remember mine.  What was for me an unforgettable moment that we shared together, is often a moment they cannot even recall and if they do, they tell it differently from the way I remember it!  We see, we read, and we experience things differently.  I’m baffled, for example, by what some people read in the Bible and what I read in the Bible.  

Why is it that I see/read and hold on to a biblical passage like  “When strangers from foreign lands come to reside with you, do them no wrong..they shall be treated as your citizens; you shall love them as yourselves,” while my brother or sister see/read and hold on to something like  “O Babylon,…Happy is he who shall seize your children and dash them against the rock?” The two passages are contradictory—but both occur in the Bible.  Why do I fasten on one passage and someone else fastens his/her attention on a contradictory one?

What do you see in this picture?  

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