Friday, February 5, 2016

Costa Rica Adventure

Our adventure in Costa Rica came to a close yesterday and it ended on a positive note.  All our homeward bound flights had pilots, all our flights were on schedule, all our luggage arrived with us in Philadelphia, and although the return trip made for a very long day (5  a.m. to 2:30 a.m.) we made it home all safe and sound without complete exhaustion!  It was a great experience—“Pune Vide.”  That is a favorite Costa Rican phrase meaning “really, really good,” or  similar to Lawrence Welk’s saying (for those of you who remember),  “a’wonderful, a’wonderful.”

Our trip was arranged by Rose, our travel agent. She just started this work a year or so ago and I think she is doing a wonderful job.  If you are planning any travel adventure, go with “Travel Services by Rose”.

Our granddaughter, Katie, and her friend, Liam, arrived from the U.K. and looked after our home while we were away.  Liam had a new experience—shoveling snow.  We left the USA at just the right time (right after the blizzard) and they arrived in the USA at just the right time (to shovel the snow the blizzard left behind)!

Some of you are wondering if I really told the truth about that Zip-Lining experience in Costa Rica.  I am providing visual evidence to support my claim in this post.  We zipped across the rainforest canopy via seven different zip lines and lived!

When picked up at the hotel by our driver yesterday morning, he asked if we would mind if his wife and six-year old son, Santiago, went with us to San Jose.  We said we didn’t mind at all.  It was so enjoyable to be with this young Costa Rican family.  We learned much about Costa Rican life during that four-hour drive to San Jose.

Thank you for taking time to read the posts from our Costa Rican journey.  It was a great adventure!

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