Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Day 8 in Costa Rica

Day 8 in Costa Rica began with a long 4 hour drive from Fortuna northwest to El Jobo (Salinas Bay) where we will spend the last several days of our Costa Rican vacation at the Dreams Las Mareas.  Would you believe there is a hot tub on the patio?  Dreams is a large resort along the Pacific coast and we have a great view of the ocean from our room.

This Guanacaste section of the country is quite different from the rainforest area. It is hot and dry. The grass along the roadways and on the hillsides is brown, reminding me of the brown hills in California. I think the temperature today must be 90° or more.  The climate and culture of this province are unique among the other provinces of the country. The area experiences little rain and has consistent heat from November to April, creating tropical dry forests and making irrigation of the land necessary.  Quite different from the rainforests around Arenal.

We spent the remainder of the day settling into our new lodging environment and thinking of our grandson, Matt, his wife, Emily, and their new daughter, Addison Elizabeth.  It is amazing how we have been able to see photos of Addison almost immediately via technology.

Matthew was only 23 years old the day his daughter was born!  "So young," I think to myself and then I realize that I, myself,  was only 23 years old when my eldest son was born!  Life is a fascinating journey and I'm grateful for my three score and ten plus almost 3 years! What will tomorrow bring?  I'll hang around to see....

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