Friday, January 22, 2016

With God All Things Are Possible, Maybe

What I know and what you know and what others know is fragmentary.  The world may contain far more than what we envision in our little philosophy.  Therefore, it is plausible that there may be divine invasions into this world especially if we think that God is superior to what we call natural law.  Natural laws, after all, do not tell us what must be, but rather tell us what has generally been observed over time.  Natural law is the way in which God’s  purpose and activity normally take place in our little corner of the universe.  But, if God is, as I believe, then God cannot be imprisoned in God’s own creation.  God can act in unusual ways (supernatural ways) that override natural law.  If not, we ought to be honest and give up the practice of prayer.  But if God can intervene in history and does circumvent natural law on occasion,  then we can believe, “With God all things are possible” (Matt. 19:26).  God is not limited to the natural order, nor limited to whatever is in human experience.  God is the “world beyond”—and that world is supernatural—and real! 

Indeed, that world beyond is the world to which we are called to align ourselves.   We are to align ourselves with God and God’s eternal purpose.  What is God’s purpose?  The primary purpose is to bring this world into alignment with that world beyond.  It is the Dream I keep alluding to, of a “friendly world of friendly folk beneath a friendly sky.”  God wants us to love one another.  God wants all the walls and partitions to be broken down.  God wants nations to be brought into a family of nations.  God wants races, and people of different beliefs, to be accepted and be made a part of the world community.  God wants people to understand one another.  God wants this world to love as God loves—a degree of love it has never known.

My knowing is just as fragmentary as that of any other finite person.  But, this is what I know and I am under obligation to share it whenever, however, and wherever I can.  

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