Friday, January 29, 2016

Day Four in Costa Rica

My fourth day in Costa Rica began as all days do for me--getting up quite early and having a cup of coffee.  How special it was to sit in front of the patio doors here at Tabacon and look at the flora and fauna of the Rainforest and watch hummingbirds and butterflies do their thing (as I was doing  mine).  Davy waited on us at breakfast and tried to help me with my Spanish.  Cristian served lunch.  Aban served us at dinner. Wonderful guys! The Costa Rican people have a gentleness about them--a relaxed and easy-going spirit that is very appealing to me.  Perhaps some of it will rub off.

After a leisurely morning, enjoying the hot tub and swimming pool, we went on the Arenal Volcano Hike Tour.  Confound it!  Three-score and ten years plus 3 is creeping up on me!  I could feel it as we climbed up the lava rocks to a summit where we had a wonderful view of Lake Arenal and the volcano.  I could feel it going downhill too!  Don't wait to do your traveling-- confound it, do it now!

Along the hiking path we saw some unique birds (and heard their strange jungle songs) flowers, and some animals too.  One of the animals was the Coati, a mammal similar to our raccoon.  There were a few orchids blooming along the pathway too.  A wonderful hike.  I just need to get in shape--the issue has nothing to do with arthritic knees, extra fatty tissue, or age!

When I was young, National Geographic magazines and Tarzan movies helped me conjure up in my mind a great fantasy.  I imagined myself an explorer in the jungle, a naturalist collecting different species of insect and wildlife.  And here I am today in the Costa Rican Rainforest.  I still, every once in a while, when no one is paying attention, pretend to be that explorer of my youth cutting a swath through the jungle.  What?  You can't picture me cutting a swath through the jungle?  If I have to conjure it up in my imagination, then you can only "picture it" in your own imagination!  It is quite a sight--hope your imagination can get hold of it!

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