Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Day Two in Costa Rica

Hallelujah!  The luggage arrived last evening at 8 p.m.  Throughout the afternoon I would wander into the lobby checking for it and asking about it.  The folk there became aware of my plight and when I walked back into the lobby at 8, looking forlorn, a very elated group yelled, "Mr. Owens, Mr. Owens, it has arrived.  We have been trying to call your room!  Your bags are here!" The most striking and noticeable thing about Costa Rica is its people.  They are a friendly, smiling, cheerful, accommodating, and seemingly happy people.  They are a delight to be around!

Our visit with nephew, Todd, was a good one.  If we had missed getting on that stand-by flight in Miami the night before we would have missed that opportunity.  (It was the only day in our schedules). Sometimes things work out--not often--but sometimes.   Todd has lived in Costa Rica for 18 years.  He calls it "Paradise."

After a couple of days and nights of just relaxing here at the Marriott in San Jose, I'm inclined to think that Todd might be right.  If it isn't "paradise," it sure is awfully close.  We've been well-pandered.  I may not be able to pour my own cup of coffee in the morning when I return to the hum-drum and routine of my own home.

Today we travel north to Fortuna.  

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