Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Day In Maine

The unseasonal warmth in Maine yesterday faded rapidly as evening came.  At  3 a.m. this morning I was forced to turn on the heat in the RV to take away the morning chill.  The sun came out for most of today, but failed to lift the temperature, which hovered around 50° all day long.  By late afternoon the clouds began to hide the sun announcing the coming of rain to Maine.

We took a little drive this morning along country roads, enjoying the fall foliage and the little villages, ending up at the Lobster Shack for an early lunch.  There I enjoyed both a cup of Maine clam chowder and a Maine lobster.  Delicious!  Later we enjoyed watching the Atlantic waters crash against the rocky coast and visiting Cape Elizabeth lighthouse and the Portland Headlight.    

As the clouds became thicker and the air became cooler, we returned to our pleasant campground to spend the remainder of the day.  I’ve had my fill of lobster and clam chowder now, so we will have a light dinner here in our little home on wheels tonight. There are many campgrounds in this area, but all of them, except this one, are now closed (the season ends here following the Columbus Day weekend).  There are only 8 or 10 other RV adventurers here in the park with us, taking advantage of this off-season opportunity. 

Tomorrow we will leave Maine, driving south and west toward northwestern New Jersey where I was born and where I spent the first 17 years of my life.  I still call it “home,” but it hasn’t been my home for 54 years!  My brother and sister (and spouses) still live in the area and we will stop to visit.  They have just returned from a 17-day journey to Italy.  I wonder what we’ll talk about, don’t you? 

In this autumnal season of life, I now realize that I will never be content with a sedentary life.  I will always be “On the Road.”  I know now that I will always be haunted by dreams of new places, new sights, new experiences which will forever be calling me to travel on and on.

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