Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Revisiting the Bethlehem Within

Today is the Tenth Day of Christmas. "Christmas is a time when we are invited to revisit Bethlehem and to reconsider its miracle. Bethlehem does not change and the miracle does not change, but we change, and the eyes with which we are able to see change. Hence what we see from year to year is not the same, which makes this annual visit an adventure rather than a routine pilgrimage" (Douglas V. Steere). 

There are two more days of Christmas to experience. There is still time to revisit Bethlehem, which is not some far off place, but rather the Bethlehem within every human heart. It is here in this inner place that we will find the Child into whom God poured out His very being; all His love—demonstrating in human flesh His passionate care for each of us and the world in which we live. Here, in this Bethlehem of the heart, we will find the Child, who became the Son of Man--being and doing what man and woman are called to do and meant to be—letting God's passionate love shine through His life. 

When this birth happens (and it is always happening, though we may not be conscious of it) we begin to know at a deeper level that Love is at the heart of all things.

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