Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Second Day of Christmas: Luke Is Born!

Has anything happened?  Some “new thing,” some “new birth,” some “annunciation,” some “new dream,” some “new discovery?”  Don’t fret.  There are still eleven days of Christmas for something to happen—today being the second day.  There is still time for any of the above to occur within you, within me, and within the world!

Our son, Luke, was born thirty-nine years ago today.  What a gift he was to us that Christmas and what a gift ever since!  Can you imagine, though, being born the day after Christmas?  The big day is over for most, and all that’s left is crumbled wrapping paper, tangled ribbons, scattered toys and gifts, worn-out and over-fed adults, and left-overs in the refrigerator.  We tried our best over the years to make Luke’s Day (the second Day of Christmas) as exciting and special as that Day before, but I’m not sure we ever succeeded.  Early on, I think Luke himself tried to help, insisting on blueberry pie instead of a birthday cake!  Anything—anything—to make the “Day After” as special as the “Day Before!”  Well, Luke, let me say as plain as I can for all to read, your birthday has been one of the most important days in my life and every day since has been special because you are!  Every Christmas since has been extraordinary because you have been with us—and the “Day After” has been, since your birth, even more important to us than the “Day Before!”

There are Twelve Days of Christmas—each of these days can be just as important and special to us as Christmas Day.  Luke came to us the “Day After.”  What gift might each of us receive if we remain open to the possibility and attempt to make each of the eleven days remaining as significant as the “Day Before?”

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